Jul 18, 2016

Micrology Monday

micrology ~ study or discussion of trivialities

Anybody else out there keep a journal? Anyone?

I’ve kept a journal off and on for most of my life. Normally my journals are some form of hard covered note book with lined pages - sometimes plain, sometimes fancy covers. While I love the idea of those awesome journals with the moleskin covers, they’re a little bit out of my price range, so I usually pick from whatever the nearest Chapters bookstore has to offer.

However, when it comes to pens for my journal, I’m a little pickier. In the beginning I vaguely remember using a fountain pen, as much for the coloured ink you could get as for the feel of the pen. However, the ink was totally washable and tended to fade easily.

At that point I started keeping an electronic journal. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a while I missed the tactile sensation of writing by hand. Now I have four or five years worth of my life locked away in password protected WordPerfect files which I am unable to access. Not only have I long forgotten the password, I don’t even have a program capable of opening them.

So I shopped around for a new pen and found the Pentel Superb pen, black ink only please. It was a slender fine point pen that had just the perfect glide to it. But then, of course, they stopped making them. It seemed to take me forever to find a replacement pen.

It couldn’t be just any pen, it had to fit properly in my hand and it had to have the right glide to it. Too fine a point and my hand would start to cramp after only a few minutes. To easy a glide to it and my handwriting became illegible. Markers were a little too bold, ball points tended to leave a residue behind.

Then I was in Staples (an office supply store) and there in the discount bin was a package of three Jetstream Retractable pens. The colours were green, indigo, and purple, but the shade was so dark it was almost black. Perfect! I’d been toying with the idea of adding a little colour to my journals and these pens would make a nice transition.

However, I started with the green one and I didn’t even get a whole page written before the ink began to sputter and faded right out. So I switched to the indigo one. That one lasted about three-quarters of the journal before giving up the ghost. So sad!

I tried looking for a replacement on-line and they just don’t make them anymore. I did see a bunch of pens that were insanely expensive though. They were nice and all, but not that nice.

I remember the office supply store Grand and Toy fondly. You could go into one and test various pens until you found the right one. Now they’re all sealed tightly in packages and you pretty much have to cross your fingers that it’ll be as good as it looks.

I did find three-packs of Jetstream Retractables, but not, of course in the colours I wanted. My choices were black, blue, red, or green. And the three colours looked a lot brighter than I was comfortable with. Basic black it is.

Just as soon as I can figure out how the darned things work. ;-)

Jul 13, 2016

Creature From the Haunted Sea

Some movies are so bad they’re good, and some movies are just ... bad. My husband and I enjoy watching them both and I thought it would be fun to share the best of the worst. So without further ado, here’s my bad movie review of the week. I leave it up to you to decide whether the movie is bad, or just the review. ;-)

Billed as a horror/comedy, this movie was filmed over the course of five days. FIVE DAYS. That explains a lot. It was actually meant to be a parody of spy, gangster, and monster movies, which I guess accounts for the clich├ęd dialogue and cheesy monster.

The creature was described thusly by Beach Dickerson (one of the actors): the Creature was made from a wetsuit, some moss, lots of Brillo pads. [...] Tennis balls for the eyes, Ping-Pong balls for the pupils, and pipecleaners for the claws. Then we cover him with black oilcloth to make him slimy.

As the hubby says, you can’t go wrong with a cheesy monster!

Okay. So it stars with a spy named XK150 getting what I’m sure is his sneakers shined. The shoe shine guy slips a folded note into the spy’s sock, and as he leaves the shoe shine guy is shot. Naturally the spy runs and the shooters give chase. He finally loses them and after taking a moment to read the note, he puts on dark sunglasses and the phoniest looking moustache in creation. Oh, yeah, and he eats the note.

Entering the bar the note directed him to, he exchanges a really lame code about wine with a deadpan woman playing chess with herself, and we learn she’s his contact. Then we finally see the opening credits - cartoon opening credits with this really goofy looking, scaly monster, kind of like a wingless dragon.

The actual plot of the movie, such as it is, concerns a mobster named Renzo Capetto who meets with Cuban President Tostada who wishes to hire him to transport himself, a few of his men, and a chest full of gold to parts unknown. The loot is going to be used to finance a counterrevolution.

Once everyone is on board the mobster’s “yacht” (kind of small for a yacht if you ask me), the narrator introduces all the key players. These include the mobster, who’s also the captain and appears to be a Humphrey Bogart wannabe, his girlfriend, a former gun moll named Mary-Belle, her younger brother (Happy Jack), bumbling fool (Pete) who’s more comfortable making animal noises than actually talking, and our spy (who seems to be the sole deck hand, not really part of the gang) who’s under cover name is Sparks Moran.

The captain calls a meeting of his gang and the spy listens at the door. Surprise, surprise, the captain is trying to come up with a plan to ditch the Cubans and keep the gold for themselves. He comes up with the idea of creating a “Creature from the Haunted Sea” to dispose of them.

The gun moll seems to be making a lot of friends. First the Cuban general is hitting on her, although when she’s pretty adamant about telling him to get lost, the interpreter does not accurately translate. She no sooner gets rid of the general and his minion and the spy starts hitting on her. He tells her she’s too good for this life - he’ll save her, or die!

So the bad guys make it look like a monster came on board and killed an innocent Cuban using a plunger over his face, and then use it to leave tracks all over. But wait! there really is a monster! And he kills another Cuban!

The next day, the captain explains to the general that one of his men was killed by a strange creature from the deep. The interpreter outright laughs at him, but the general actually believes him. After they leave the captain scolds his men for getting carried away and killing two Cubans and his minions are just dumb enough to think they must have killed two by mistake.

The plan is to run the boat aground on a reef and Pete will take the chest of gold in a skiff and sink it in shallow water for them to pick up at a later date. So the yacht ends up smashing into the reef and taking on water and everybody abandons ship. The boat the Cubans are in sinks and the creature gets at least a couple of them. Hubby observes that it looks like the Cookie Monster, only with fins.

Eventually they all end up on shore (well, except for the Cubans that got caught by the monster). The Cubans get busy building a hut and the captain wants to dive for the chest and hide it in the reef.

Our friendly neighbourhood spy wanders off down the beach and finds payphone. Say what?? He has the operator put him in touch with Cuba and has to have it charged to his home phone because he has no money.

OMG! Some random guy with a patently fake grin lines up to use the phone. He just stands there with this smarrmy grin on his face. The spy finishes his call and heads back, and passes a guy in a suit with a cane who carefully steps in every puddle along the way. What the hell???

Meanwhile, Pete is off making animal noises and hears answering noises - OMG, it’s a woman named Porcina and it’s love at first sight. They gather a pile of fruit to take back to everyone.

Uh, oh. There’s a hitch in the captains plans - the Cubans are all certified divers and the general is chomping at the bit to have them start diving for the gold. All the men except the general jump into the water to look for the gold. The bad guys kill another Cuban and since they had so much fun, the kill another one. When the general learns that he’s missing two men, the decides from now on they’ll dive with spear guns.

Meanwhile, Happy Jack was sent off somewhere and brings back a girl named Carmelita along with a bunch of diving equipment. He declares love for her but she starts swooning over the spy, who tells her in no uncertain terms that his heart belongs to Mary-Belle. She doesn’t seem to care.

Pete takes Jack off into the jungle and he’s introduced to Porcina’s daughter Mango. Once again we have love at first sight, at least on his part. The four of them just want to live happily ever after and decide they’ll have to kill the others to make it happen. That appears to be okay with them.

The creature starts randomly picking off people. Mango is the first to go missing and Jack is heart-broken. The divers with the spear guns find the gold but the creature is watching. Back on the boat, the captain and Mary-Belle get into a fight and somehow the spy and Mary-Belle end up in the water. The monster attacks! He’s even cheesier out of the water than he was in it.

The Cubans are all dead and one by one the gang members are killed off too. The only ones who escape are the spy and Carmelita, who’s still in love with him. So the spy gets the girl, but the monster gets the gold.

Not the worst movie we’ve seen lately, but certainly not the best.

Jul 11, 2016

Metensomatosis Monday

metensomatosis ~ movement of soul into new body before or after death

I feel like I’m starting over this week. I did not do either of my workouts even once last week. And furthermore, I’m kind of liking the extra time that gives me in the morning. But all good things must come to an end, and my slackerly ways are no exception. Today I must climb back on the wagon, however reluctant I might be.

Sometimes it really sucks, being a responsible adult. ;-)

And other than my blog posts, I didn’t get any writing done either. It was a busy week for me and by the time I actually had a minute to write, I was too tired to string words together.

But I rallied on Saturday when the daughter held a “Book Deconstruction Barbecue” at our house.

The daughter works as a law librarian and her predecessor acquired a vast number of somewhat out of date law books that some other law library was trying unload, dump off, find a new home for. I guess the woman saw the words “free books” and didn’t stop to wonder why they were free.

Anyway, the daughter needed to get rid of them to make room for books the clients frequenting her library would actually use, and after failing to find someone as gullible, foolish, naive as her predecessor, her last resort was to recycle them.

However, after contacting our local recycling plant, she was told they couldn’t be recycled because of their covers. The pages could be recycled, but not the whole book. But separating the pages from their covers seem like an awful lot of work. How was this feat to be accomplished?

The solution, of course, was to invite some friends to our house to use power saws to cut the covers off of the 600 + books. And as an added incentive, she’d even feed them. My daughter has some pretty good friends. ;-)

The initial use of power saws did not bode well for the endeavour. First the breakers kept tripping. But after unplugging the two fountains and the pool pump, things went much better, although it was slow work. Men being men, they were the ones manning the power saws and there were only four saws.

This was going to take forever, so it was the women to the rescue. Someone started to just rip the pages out of a book - it went surprisingly fast. So someone else joined in. Soon everybody (except the hubby who stuck to his circular saw) was merrily ripping pages out of books.

So how long did it take to saw the covers off/rip the pages out of all those books? Two and a half hours. On the one hand it was kind of horrifying because, you know, books! But at the same time it was kind of fun.

Fun times indeed.

Jul 6, 2016

The Giant Claw

Some movies are so bad they’re good, and some movies are just ... bad. My husband and I enjoy watching them both and I thought it would be fun to share the best of the worst. So without further ado, here’s my bad movie review of the week. I leave it up to you to decide whether the movie is bad, or just the review. ;-)

Also known as Mark of the Claw, this was one of the better stupid movies we’ve seen in a while. This low-budget, black and white film was made in 1957 and features a cast of unknowns. We watched it using our TiVo to access YouTube and it was pretty good quality.

It begins at the North Pole where electronic engineer Mitch is flying around so the people in the military station below can test the radar equipment. He sees an unidentified flying object “as big as a battleship.” The guys in the station are not impressed - nothing else showed up on their radar.

It flies by again and Mitch chases after it. He insists there’s something out there. He doesn’t know what, but it’s big and it’s fast. The radar guy presses a big button that says “Hot Button” and the interceptors are launched into the air.

When Mitch returns to the station, he’s given a cool reception. Not only did the interceptors not see anything, one of them didn’t come back. As Mitch hangs his head in shame, the radar guy gets a phone call that an air force transporter plane is missing. The pilot said something about a UFO before the radio went dead, but nothing showed up on the radar.

So Mitch and Sally, a mathematician who was also at the station, fly back to New York in a small plane. The pilot keeps looking around nervously and spots a UFO. There’s some really heavy turbulence and not only is the pilot knocked unconscious, they lose and engine. Mitch takes over and they crash land, apparently in Canada.

A friendly French-Canadian moonshiner takes them to his house. The police take away the body of the pilot (he died when the plane exploded and they all hit the dirt). General Buskirk phones to ream Mitch out, claiming he put the pilot up to calling in to report a UFO. Even Sally doesn’t believe in the UFO, although something hit the plane.

It’s really stormy out there and Pierre goes out to calm the livestock. He screams like a little girl, and Mitch and Sally go rushing out and find him unconscious. They drag him back inside and when he wakes up he begins blubbering about la Carcagne, a winged creature that looks like a woman with a wolf’s head. Legend has it if you see this creature it’s a sign you’re going to die soon.

As the police drive Mitch and Sally to the nearest airport we’re given a camera shot of a really big bird footprint in Pierre’s field. There’s a lot of flirting going on during the plane ride and arguing about what the object could be. Something Sally says triggers a thought in Mitch. He maps out the sightings of the UFO and finds a widening spiral pattern. Sally’s still skeptical about it being a UFO and Mitch starts to pout. Then they start kissing.

A military plane flies towards where Sally and Mitch crashed and is attacked by a giant bird-like creature. How can I do the description justice? I can’t, so here’s a picture of it.

The military guys are forced to jump ship and the bird eats them one by one.

Mitch and Sally don’t know anything about this until some military guys come to get them from their hotel. Then they learn there’s been two more sightings and another plane was destroyed. This time there were reports of a giant bird, not a UFO. Mitch and Sally go with the general to a facility in Washington.

Their biggest concern seems to be why the radar can’t pick it up. The big wigs are getting pretty hot under the collar and everyone takes turns having hissy fits. One of the squadrons they have up in the air have spotted it and the general gives the order to shoot it down. Then he puts the radio on speaker so everyone can hear what’s going on.

First we hear the pilots cracking lame bird jokes, then the bird starts screeching at them. Their rockets don’t affect it and the bird munches on a plane. The pilot bails out and the bird eats him. The general notifies the joint chiefs and more arguing ensues: “It’s just a bird!”, “Ten million dollars worth of radar equipment can’t track it!”

The two generals, Mitch, and Sally go to a research lab where they’ve been looking at the plane wreckage (not sure which plane). The researcher explains about atoms, and matter and anti-matter. The bird somehow generates an anti-matter screen which causes the radar to just slide around it. But the bird can open the screen to use its beak and claws as weapons.

They found a feather from it and it defies analysis: “The bird comes from some godforsaken anti-matter galaxy billions of light years away." One of the generals suggests they all pray.

Meanwhile, the bird that’s supposed to be a closely guarded secret buzzes a beach, then London, then snacks on some people in a square and somehow sets fire to a road. Sally runs some figures for Mitch in her “calculating machine” and speculates on why the bird came here. Could it be looking for a place to nest?

For some reason they figure the most obvious place to look for a nest is back at Pierre’s farm, so off she and Mitch go. With Pierre’s help they actually do find a nest, but don’t spot the egg until the bird lands on it. Mitch shoots holes in it and mama bird ain’t too pleased. Pierre has run off and the bird gets him.

Mitch thinks he’s figured out how to get past the bird’s shield. There’s a lot sciencey talk about masic atoms - if they can get close enough to the bird to bombard it with masic atoms they can bring down the anti-matter shield, so they proceed to build a machine to do so.

Failure after failure after failure and they’re losing hope. Panic and terror have spread to all corners of the earth - the bird is shown flying away, a train trailing behind it like sausage links. Mitch finally figures out how to get the machine to work (blowing himself up in the process) and everyone does a happy dance.

While they get the plane ready, the bird perches on the empire state building (of course) and chews the top off of it. For some reason the falling pieces are exploding. The plane is on its way and they spot the bird on top of the UN building now. It seems pretty proud of the mess it’s making.

The bird chases the plane, people are running, oops! There goes another building. The bird is right on the tail of the plane and they start shooting the atoms at it, then they shoot the bird with rockets. They got it! The bird falls into the water belly up.

As THE END flashes across the screen we have one last glimpse of the bird - one clawed foot sticking up out of the water, like it’s giving us the finger.

Jul 4, 2016

Multicapitate Monday

multicapitate ~ many-headed

Happy Holidays everyone! We Canadians had our day off on Friday, while you Yankees are having your day off today. It’s win/win all around!

The hubby and I celebrated Canada Day (and incidentally our anniversary) by driving to the good Cineplex to see Independence Day: Resurgence on the big screen. Man, am I ever glad we didn’t see it in 3D. It was action packed enough as it was without adding things flying at you.

It was really good though. We got to see several familiar characters, a couple of characters all grown up, and we met a few new characters. And I must say, considering only twenty years were supposed to have passed, technology sure advanced fast. There was the usual mix of good people and dumb ass people, and lots of in the air fighting. And they set things up nicely to make a third movie, should they care to.

It was a good weekend for movies apparently because the daughter and I went to see Tarzan yesterday afternoon (the hubby didn’t care to get drooled on throughout an entire movie).

I am a big time Edgar Rice Burroughs fan (he’s the one who wrote the Tarzan books - all 24 of them), and I’ve been disappointed many times in the past over Tarzan movies, but this has got to be one of the best ones ever! Despite the fact that Alexander Skarsgard is blond, he made an excellent Tarzan. And not only was the casting for Jane perfect, I really enjoyed their portrayal of her as well.

And the best part of all about these two movies? Now the hubby knows what he can get me for Christmas. LOL

It was a busy week and a busier weekend, filled with trying to catch up on a project I’ve been neglecting, a little extra babysitting, and a lot of plans getting derailed. But one thing that did work out all right was last night’s desert:

It’s a strawberry cheese shortcake. Strawberries were on sale at one of the local grocery stores so it was pretty much a given that I’d come home with some. I thought the price of the in-store shortcakes was a little much, but I also didn’t want to have to bake a whole cake just to have some for the strawberries.

But cream cheese was also on sale so I thought I’d do a cheesecake and put the strawberries on that. And since I was using strawberries on top I figured why not throw some in as well. Which, in retrospect, I should have thought twice about. It wasn’t that the strawberries were bad in the cheesecake, it just made the cheesecake a little moister than I’d like.

But it tasted really good, and that’s what counts, right? ;-)

Jun 29, 2016

Monster A Go-Go

Some movies are so bad they’re good, and some movies are just ... bad. My husband and I enjoy watching them both and I thought it would be fun to share the best of the worst. So without further ado, here’s my bad movie review of the week. I leave it up to you to decide whether the movie is bad, or just the review. ;-)

After last week’s movie I’d pretty much had it with movies so bad they were depressing. I wanted something so bad it was funny. Something utterly stupid. So I got out the list of bad/stupid movies the hubby had made out, and picked what was sure to be a lot of fun - Monster A Go-Go.

Boy was I wrong!

There were no go-go dancers in this movie, although there was one short, kind of random dancing scene. Research done afterwards touts it as one of the worst movies ever made, and I believe it. And I also believe that I need to start researching these movies before we watch them.

The budget for this 1965 movie was so low they couldn’t even afford to film in colour. It begins with a capsule being launched into space to check on “stuff” floating around out there. It lands/crashes back on Earth but whoever’s keeping track of it has a hard time finding it. A couple of guys in uniform - they seem to switch from being cops to being military guys - in an unmarked car go looking for it with a helicopter backing them up.

There’s a lot of talking on the radio between the chopper and the car, but despite cranking up the volume it was still hard to make out what they were saying. The guys in the car find the dinged up capsule, and also the helicopter. The chopper pilot is dead and there’s no sign of the guy that was in the itty bitty capsule.

It was a little confusing - I actually thought they were looking for two separate people because sometimes they said the name Frank, and sometimes Douglas. Turns out the guy in the capsule was Frank Douglas. The two cops/military guys are joined by Frank’s wife and another couple who just happen to be scientists.

Anyway, the helicopter pilot is shriveled up like a prune - their words, not mine, he didn’t look that bad to me - and there’s also a few burn spots on the ground, which are dismissed as kids playing a prank. Deciding there’s nothing more they can do at the crash site they go to the lab.

There they determine that the chopper pilot was literally cooked to death and that Frank couldn’t have survived, even though the chute on his capsule opened, because there’s no trace of him. And he’d be pretty radioactive because there’s an excessive amount of radiation in and around the capsule. Please note that the capsule was left where it landed and no precautions were taken to keep the public out of danger.

So then a bunch of military guys, presumably from the lab, arrive at the airport to meet a big air force jet with Dr. Chris Manning on board. Despite the fact he’s a civilian, they decided the case was important enough to send for him. They go to the lab to examine the pilot’s body.

Suddenly we cut to a random scene of some kids dancing - beehive hairdos, pencil skirts, boys in cardigans. I assume this is the “go-go” part of the movie. One of the guys gets mad that his girlfriend is having a little too much fun and pulls her off the dance floor. She must like being pushed around ‘cause she doesn’t protest and they drive off together. They don’t go too far before he’s pulling over so they can start necking.

He gets a little too touchy feely and she gets out of the car. Someone (we can’t really see who) goes up to the driver’s side window and she turns and screams. The three military guys appear out of nowhere and find the body of the boyfriend. Then they hear some moaning and find the girl. They take her to the lab.

Now we get some weird ass, nonsensical music as Dr. Logan goes back to the landing area. The narrator keeps giving away the action before it happens. So ... Dr. Logan’s looking around and finds a burnt stick, and then turns on this thing that looks like one of those guns the police use to clock speeders. He hears a noise like radar blips and a Lurch-like creature comes up behind him and strangles him.

The others get word there’s been another strange incident and toddle off to have a look see. First they find the speed gun, then they find Dr. Logan who looks worse than the other bodies they’ve found thus far. They look around, trying to figure out why he was out there.

A new doctor is flown in and once he’s in the lab he asks to be brought up to date. Dr. Kramer, the token woman in the lab, says that there was no blood in the body, it had turned to powder. It’s determined that Frank Douglas must have died in space and his place in the capsule taken by a 400 pound, ten foot tall, radio-active creature.

Dr. Kramer shows the new guy Dr. Logan’s notes. Apparently, Logan had been injecting himself with something that was supposed to keep him from being affected by radiation - obviously it didn’t work. Then we learn this was something the lab was working on.

There’s another scientist in the lab - didn’t catch his name and was unable to find a cast listing to check - after Dr. Kramer leaves he goes to drug up the creature they were talking about. Excuse me? Did I miss something? When did they catch this creature? I thought they just figured out it existed. Anyway, he’s late with the drug and goes back to the lab to find it trashed.

Now we’re at a park where girls in bikinis are sun bathing. The Lurch-monster comes out of the bushes and heads towards them. They see him and run away screaming. The military guys get a call that the monster’s been spotted. The science guys and the military guys have an argument and decide that the monster is actually Frank Douglas, changed by the radiation he was exposed to. They must catch him!

Lots of random shots of them searching. The military guys are getting something on their equipment - lots of flashing lights, more vehicles arrive. The scientist guys put on clunky suits - they think they have him trapped in the sewers. They blow a whistle like a train whistle - not sure why - and then they blow anti-radiation gas into the sewer. They check out the sewer and the monster is gone.

But wait! Everything is okay! They receive a telegram that Frank was found 8000 miles away in a lifeboat. He’s alive and well and normal size (their words, not mine). The monster was not mentioned again.

At this point the movie just kind of stopped, and hubby made the flippant comment that it was another movie where they ran out of money and just stopped filming. The most entertaining part for him was the fact that when I looked up the movie on the internet, that’s exactly what happened. At least according to Wikipedia:

Director Rebane ran out of money while making the film. Herschell Gordon Lewis, who needed a second film to show with his own feature, Moonshine Mountain, bought the film, added a few extra scenes and some dialogue, and then released it, creating an odd, disjointed film with little continuity. Rebane had abandoned the film in 1961; Lewis did not finish the film until 1965 and so was unable to gather all of the original cast, resulting in almost half the characters disappearing midway through the film to be replaced by other characters who fill most of the same roles.

Of all the movies we’ve seen so far, this is the worst. And not worst in a good way.

Jun 27, 2016

Manicism Monday

manicism ~ left-handedness

I used to be a list maker, and not all that long ago either. I like lists. They help me get/stay organized by showing at a glance what all I have to get done, and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of checking items off as they’re completed.

I’m not sure why I stopped using lists, but Friday night I found myself sitting down and making out list of what all I wanted to accomplish over the weekend. It was a pretty long list and I had no expectation of getting everything done, but at least it gave me an idea of what all I had to do.

Despite a plethora of other, probably more urgent things that needed to be done, I chose to start with cleaning out my craft closet.

Look at all those nicely labelled bins! And now my sewing stuff is a little easier to access, which is good because I’ve been in a sewing mood lately. This was followed by cleaning out the big chest freezer in the basement and the fridge freezer.

Now while these things were on my list, they were not the most important things. The more important things would have been cleaning the house and making salads in preparation for the in-laws coming to dinner on Sunday.

Because the closet cleaning was so time consuming, that and the freezers were pretty much all I had time for on Saturday. Which meant I had a whole crap load of stuff to get done on Sunday. However, much to my surprise, I got everything I needed to get done finished before my company arrived. Including making a plum pie. Sort of.

One of the grandbaby’s favourite books is Each Peach Pear Plum . It’s an “eye spy” book and at the very end all the characters share a plum pie. I didn’t even know you could use plums to make a pie, but I promised the grandbaby that as soon as plums were in season, I would bake her a plum pie.

Well, plums are in season now so last week I bought some to make her pie with. There will be no picture of this pie. I did not check for a recipe until after I bought the plums. The recipe called for four cups of sliced plums - I had about two and a half. This was around 3 p.m. on Sunday - my company was due to arrive around 4 p.m. Not time to go to the store. But then I remembered the packages of fruit I’d found in the freezer (not sure why I bought them) and thawed out the “Mango Medley” - mango, peach, and strawberry - and mixed them in with the plums.

It was not the prettiest pie I ever made, but it wasn’t too gross looking. It might have been better with ice cream, but I didn’t think of getting any. Much to my surprise it had a nice fruity taste, although I found one of the fruits - the mangos maybe - was a little on the bitter side. But the important thing is, Grammy kept her promise.

I had a great deal of satisfaction crossing item after item from my list and I’ve decided I’m going to keep it up. I just need to learn how to prioritize. And while it perhaps wasn’t a very relaxing weekend, at least it was a productive one. ;-)